Fuser Systems [Cape] cc
Xerox™ Fuser Rollers & Pressure Rollers


Fuser RollerFuser Systems offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, yet affordable, fuser rollers and pressure rollers for Xerox™ machines.

Long-lasting, competitively priced and providing excellent performance, they are very cost effective. Our exceptional, lightweight 1090 pressure roller, for example, will last as long as the machine, providing superb quality and value for money.

The other Xerox™ rollers we produce include

Fuser rollers:
5090 (Viton)

Pressure rollers:

Please note that this is a sample list of our excellent products. If you would like more information, including prices, on our full range of Xerox™ fuser and pressure rollers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Xerox is a registered trademark of the Xerox Corporation.

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